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Medical Employment Contract Review for Dentists

Medical Employment Contract Review for Dentists

Knowledgeable Attorney Conducts Critical Medical Employment Contract Review for Dentists Nationwide

Whether joining a dental practice or healthcare facility as an employee or as a partner with other dentists, having a medical employment contract is an important step to take at the beginning of the relationship between a dentist and their new employer. An employment agreement can ensure both parties know their respective rights and obligations. But if an employment contract contains complex legal terms, it can be difficult for a dentist to determine if the contract is beneficial to their interests. That’s why Chelle Law provides in-depth medical employment contract review for dentists.

We believe that dentists should have skilled legal representation when negotiating a contract with a new employer. When you choose us to help you with your employment agreement review, you will have the benefit of a legal team led by founding attorney Robert Chelle, who has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, including working with physician practice groups and networks and having been in legal departments of several of the country’s most prestigious healthcare providers.

If you are joining a new dental practice, reach out to Chelle Law today for help with your medical employment contract review. A seasoned attorney from our firm can look out for your interests and help you understand your rights and obligations under a proposed employment agreement you have been offered.

Essential Terms for Medical Employment Contracts for Dentists

While the terms that are contained in an employment contract for a dentist will vary from situation to situation, especially depending on whether a dentist is joining a practice as an employee or a partner, all dentist employment agreements should cover several important points. Generally, these include expected duties, pay, and the respective rights and responsibilities of the dentist and the employer. Examples of terms that the attorneys of Chelle Law will review when examining your employment agreement include:

  • Patient care duties and schedule, including any on-call duties
  • Locations that you will be expected to work out of
  • Your rights to pursue professional opportunities outside the practice, including moonlighting or taking a dental school position, including your obligation (if any) to obtain approval from the employer before starting a second position
  • Base compensation and pay frequency, including automatic pay raises over the term of the contract
  • Additional compensation, such as performance-based compensation, profit-sharing, insurance benefits, or fringe benefits like signing bonuses or relocation reimbursement
  • Other benefits like retirement benefits, PTO, and contributions towards the cost of your continuing education requirements, licensing fees, and association dues
  • Whether the employer or practice offers liability insurance (including tail insurance) or if you are expected to purchase your own policy
  • What grounds the employer has to terminate your employment or relationship with the practice
  • Any ownership or management rights you may have in the practice
  • Restrictive covenants, including confidentiality agreements or non-compete/non-solicitation/no-hire clauses
  • Whether disputes between you and the employer must be subject to alternative dispute resolution

Why Dentists and Other Healthcare Professionals Turn to Chelle Law

When you are joining a new dental practice or going to work for another healthcare provider, having a full understanding of the terms of your employment contract can help you to protect your rights and interests as you start your new position. Having an experienced attorney review and explain your proposed employment agreement can be one of the best financial decisions you make in your career. Dentists turn to Chelle Law for medical employment contract review because:

  • We can work with dentists and healthcare professionals in any state
  • We provide our services on an affordable flat-rate basis, with no hidden costs
  • An experienced attorney from our legal team thoroughly reviews every term of a client’s proposed employment agreement
  • Attorney Robert Chelle personally conducts a phone consultation with you to go over each detail of the employment contract
  • We guide you through the contract negotiation process by providing you with a summary of necessary clarifications and revisions to bring to your prospective employer’s attention

Don’t sign an employment agreement without ensuring that it protects your interests. Reach out to Chelle Law today for help. 

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If you are a dentist who needs help protecting your rights in an employment contract with your new practice, contact Chelle Law for an initial consultation to learn more about how our firm can guide you through the contract review and negotiation process. Let an experienced attorney look out for your best interest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Employment Contract Review for Dentists

What are some of the reasons why a non-compete clause in an employment contract might not be enforced?

While some states do not enforce non-compete clauses in health care provider employment contracts as a matter of public policy, many states will uphold such clauses so long as they are reasonable. Non-competes are often considered reasonable so long as they do not impose an undue hardship on the dentist employee, do not unduly burden public health (such as by preventing a dentist from working in an area with limited numbers of providers), and do not restrict a dentist’s ability to practice any more than is necessary to protect the employer’s reasonable interest (including not being unreasonably long in duration). Courts will also often enforce non-competes in conjunction with the sale of a dental practice or when a dentist is provided with a buy-out or other financial payment upon their departure.

What other documents should be reviewed during a dentist employment contract review?

As part of a medical employment contract review for dentists, you should also ask to see a copy of the dental practice’s bylaws or partnership agreement, especially if you are joining the practice as a partner. You will want to make sure that the terms of your employment contract are not contradicted by the practice’s bylaws or operating agreement. If you are receiving liability insurance coverage through the practice, you may also want to see a copy of the policy to ensure that you are comfortable with the coverage being offered. 

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