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Medical Employment Contract Review for Physicians

Medical Employment Contract Review for Physicians

Chelle Law Provides Expert Medical Employment Contract Review for Physicians Nationwide

Today, contracts are a nearly-universal part of all business transactions, including in the employment context. A medical employment contract can help define the respective rights and obligations of an employer and the physician that is being hired. While employment contract negotiations can be complex and tense, physicians should insist on having well-drafted employment agreements to protect their interests. At Chelle Law, we undertake thorough medical employment contract review for physicians nationwide.

At our firm, we believe that doctors have too much at stake professionally, financially, and personally not to have their employment contract reviewed by an experienced lawyer. When you choose us to review your proposed employment agreement, you can expect us to not only go over the contract term by term to help you understand the agreement in full but also to advise you regarding terms that are not included in the contract but should be. Attorney Robert Chelle has a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry having worked in the legal departments of some of the country’s largest healthcare providers, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Rush Health System, and Kettering Medical Network, in addition to working with physician practice groups and networks. 

If you are a physician who needs a skilled legal eye to review a medical employment contract you have been presented with, reach out to Chelle Law today for help. Contact us to learn more about how our firm can help you negotiate a favorable employment agreement. 

What We Look for When Reviewing Employment Contracts for Doctors

Physicians spend years in education and training to build their careers. An employment contract is the best way for a physician to protect their professional achievements as well as their finances and personal and family life. At Chelle Law, we focus on the essential terms in any medical employment contract for physicians, as well as the items that are important to each of our clients. Topics that we will cover during an employment agreement review include:

  • Required duties, including time set aside for administrative tasks (completing treatment notes and patient records, billing, etc.)
  • Expected hours and on-call schedule
  • Locations and facilities you will be expected to work in, or that you have privileges to treat at
  • Rights to pursue private practice outside of working for an employer or healthcare facility
  • Base compensation, in addition to productivity compensation and employment benefits like health/dental/vision/life/disability insurance, or other fringe benefits like relocation assistance or signing bonuses
  • Compensation under any profit-sharing agreements in a practice
  • Paid-time off
  • Contributions towards professional expenses, include licensing dues and continuing medical education classes
  • What professional liability insurance coverage is offered, whether you are expected to obtain your own insurance, or whether you must name the employer as an additional insured on any policy you procure for yourself
  • Whether you are considered an at-will employee, or on what grounds can an employer terminate your employment or business relationship
  • Restrictive covenants, including non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements
  • Alternative dispute resolution or grievance procedures

Why Choose Chelle Law?

The hospital, healthcare provider, or private practice that you are joining almost certainly has attorneys who are responsible for drafting the employment contract that your prospective employer has presented to you. You deserve experienced legal counsel in your corner who can review every term of your proposed agreement, make sure you understand the meaning and implications of the contract’s provisions, and assist you through the negotiation and revision process.

Chelle Law has helped numerous physicians and other healthcare professionals across the U.S. understand their employment contracts and ensure that their agreements are favorable to them. Healthcare professionals choose us for medical employment contracts for physicians because:

  • We can work with doctors in any state
  • Our firm offers flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees, so that clients know up front how much our services will cost
  • Every client’s employment agreement is reviewed by an experienced contracts attorney
  • Each client will have an in-person or phone consultation with firm CEO Attorney Robert Chelle to go over their employment contract term by term
  • We offer follow-up review as contract terms are changed during the revision and negotiation process

You shouldn’t have to sign an employment agreement without having it reviewed by knowledgeable legal counsel. Reach out to Chelle Law today for help. 

Contact Us Today for a Consultation to Discuss How We Assist with Medical Employment Contract Review for Physicians

When you are starting a new physician position, don’t leave things to chance with your new employer or practice. Contact Chelle Law today for an initial consultation to discuss your legal rights in negotiating the terms of your new medical employment contract. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Employment Contract Review for Physicians

Can a non-compete clause be enforced if there is a payment attached to it?

Some states allow non-compete clauses to be enforced against physicians, while other states generally prohibit such clauses in physician employment contracts. However, non-competes are often enforced where they restrict a physician from opening a competing office, rather than from practicing generally, particularly where the departing physician is provided with a payment or a buy-out, sometimes called a “garden leave” position. This provision may be required in some states for non-competes in physician employment contracts.

Should you work without a medical employment contract?

It is generally inadvisable to start working for an employer or physician practice without a medical employment contract or without working with an attorney for a medical employment contract review. Without the terms of your employment set in writing, you and your new practice or employer may quickly end up in a misunderstanding about your duties, hours, vacation or sick time, or even who may be responsible to pay for liability insurance coverage. It is critical to insist on having a signed medical employment contract prior to starting a new position, which an attorney from Chelle Law can help you negotiate.

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