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Medical Employment Contract Review for Optometrists

Medical Employment Contract Review for Optometrists

Experienced Contract Attorney Conducts Thorough Medical Employment Contract Review for Optometrists Nationwide

Optometrists may join a private practice as an employee or partner or may go to work for a hospital or other healthcare provider facility. In any case, an optometrist should have a thorough employment contract to protect everyone’s interests and ensure that there is a much lower risk of confusion or dispute between an optometrist and their employer. When a prospective employer presents an employment agreement to a new optometrist, that contract has likely been drafted by the employer’s legal department or outside counsel. An optometrist can best protect themselves by hiring their own legal counsel to help them with the medical employment contract review.

At Chelle Law, we understand that our clients have worked hard to reach professional success. That’s why we offer a skilled contract review of our clients’ proposed employment agreements so that they can feel confident that the contract they have received from their employer is fair and beneficial to their own interests. Founder and CEO, Robert Chelle, has been representing medical professionals at Chelle Law for over 10 years, with years of experience before that working with medical practices and networks and in the legal departments of some of the most prestigious healthcare providers in the country.

If you are an optometrist who is starting a new job or joining a new practice, reach out to Chelle Law today to speak with an attorney about how we can assist you with understanding the terms of your employment contract and negotiating an agreement that serves your best interests. You will likely find that the benefits you get from a thorough contract review greatly outweigh the costs of hiring the legal help you need. 

Essential Terms to Review in Optometrist Employment Agreements

An employment contract is an important component for any optometrist starting a new position with a hospital, healthcare facility, or private practice. Whether simply joining a practice as a member of the staff or entering as a partner with other optometrists, an employment agreement will have a significant impact on an optometrist’s career, finances, and work-life balance. Optometrists can run into issues like poor production pay and benefits, lack of PTO, disruptive working hours and on-call schedules, and inadequate liability insurance coverage. This makes it critical for optometrists starting new jobs to seek legal assistance to review employment contract terms such as:

  • Patient care schedule and on-call duties
  • Locations and facilities where an optometrist is expected to provide care or where they have privileges to treat patients
  • Rights to pursue professional activities outside the practice, including moonlighting for another provider or taking an instructorship
  • Compensation, including base pay, annual salary increases, performance bonuses, and profit-share
  • Benefits such as health/dental/vision/life/disability insurance, paid time off, retirement benefits, or fringe benefits like signing bonuses or relocation assistance
  • Time off and reimbursement for continuing education requirements
  • Whether the employer provides professional liability insurance coverage, or whether the optometrist must purchase their own coverage or may procure additional coverage
  • Whether the employer will offer tail insurance coverage
  • Whether the employment is at-will or what grounds must the employer have to terminate an optometrist, including what notice is required for a termination
  • Alternative dispute resolution obligations that require disputes to be submitted to arbitration or a grievance procedure
  • Restrictive covenants enforced during the term of employment and following separation from employment, including non-competes, non-solicitations, and non-disclosure/confidentiality

Why Choose Chelle Law for Medical Employment Contract Review for Optometrists?

Optometrists joining a new practice or going to work for a healthcare provider need to have a comprehensive employment contract that includes fair and equitable terms for both employer and employee. An employment contract sets out the terms and obligations of an optometrist’s employment. A thorough review of a proposed employment agreement is critical to ensuring that an optometrist’s interests are protected under the agreement.

For years, professionals have turned to Chelle Law for medical employment contract review for optometrists because:

  • We work with optometrists and healthcare professionals in every state
  • We offer flat-rate pricing with no hidden expenses so that you know up front how much our services cost
  • A seasoned attorney will thoroughly review your proposed employment contract
  • Attorney Robert Chelle will review the contract term by term with you in a phone consultation
  • We assist you with contract negotiations by following up to identify clarifications and revisions needed for the agreement

You shouldn’t have to sign an employment contract without having the opportunity to get it reviewed by an experienced attorney. Contact Chelle Law today for help.

Contact Us for an Initial Consultation to Learn More about Our Services

Don’t assume that an employment contract cannot be negotiated with a prospective employer. Get the legal help you need to make an informed professional decision. Contact Chelle Law today for an initial consultation to discuss the benefits of medical employment contract review for optometrists. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Employment Contract Review for Optometrists

How can I get out of a non-compete clause in my employment contract?

In some states, non-compete clauses or agreements are barred for individuals in healthcare professions such as optometry. Even in states that do generally enforce non-competes, courts may revise or strike a non-compete clause in a medical employment contract where the restrictions are broader than needed to protect an employer’s legitimate interests, or where the clause places an undue burden on the employee, or where enforcing the non-compete would be harmful to the public interest or public health (such as preventing a healthcare professional from working in an community in need of providers). 

Do I really need an attorney to review my employment contract?

You should always have an attorney review any employment contract you have been offered to help you understand its terms and determine whether the contract is ultimately beneficial to you. Your prospective employer likely had an attorney to draft the proposed contract, so you deserve a lawyer who is looking out for your interests. 

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