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Medical Employment Contract Review for Physician Assistants

Medical Employment Contract Review for Physician Assistants

Detail-Focused Attorney Performs Medical Employment Contract Review for Physician Assistants Nationwide

When you are hired by a hospital or medical practice to work as a physician assistant, you may be offered an employment contract that sets forth the terms and conditions of your employment relationship. Your employment agreement will govern your compensation, your professional duties, and your work-life balance. Before you sign an employment contract, you should have a skilled attorney review its terms to ensure that your interests are protected. Turn to Chelle Law for experienced medical employment contract review for physician assistants.

At our firm, we understand how hard you have worked to reach this stage of your career. Let us help you protect your accomplishments and your professional opportunities by ensuring you fully understand the terms of an employment agreement that you have been offered. When you choose us for your contract review, you’ll have the benefit of a seasoned attorney. Robert Chelle, who has been representing medical professionals for over a decade, has worked in the legal departments of some of the finest healthcare providers in the country, including Johns Hopkins, Rush Health System, and Kettering Medical Network.

If you are a physician assistant who needs experienced legal advice to understand the terms of a proposed medical employment contract, reach out to our firm to speak with an experienced member of our legal team today.

Important Contract Terms in Medical Employment Agreements

Most physician assistants will go to work for an employer pursuant to a written medical employment contract. A well-drafted agreement is critical to avoid potential disputes in the future and to ensure the security of a physician assistant’s career, finances, and work-life balance. Terms that are not spelled out in an employment contract or that unduly favor the employer can lead to issues between employer and employee down the road.

To ensure that you have a long, productive working relationship with your new employer, the attorneys of Chelle Law take the time to carefully review important medical employment contract terms such as:

  • Patient care duties and schedule, including expectations for on-call duties
  • Locations and facilities where you will be expected to work from
  • Which physician or physicians will supervise you
  • Whether you are permitted to take other employment positions and whether you must first seek approval from your employer
  • Compensation structure, such as base pay, pay frequency, annual raises or COLAs, performance or productivity bonuses
  • Benefits package, including health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, retirement options such as pensions or 401k, and paid-time off (including sick days, vacations, or maternity/paternity leave)
  • Fringe benefits, including relocation assistance, signing bonuses, or reimbursement of continuing education expenses, board licensing fees, and association dues
  • Availability of liability insurance coverage from the employer (including tail insurance) and your rights and obligations to obtain your own coverage
  • Term of the agreement, including provisions for automatic renewal
  • Whether you are being hired at-will or whether you can only be terminated for cause, as well as the parties’ respective notice obligations prior to terminating the employment relationship
  • Restrictive covenant provisions like non-disclosure/confidentiality, non-solicitation, and non-compete
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including whether disputes arising from the agreement or employment relationship must be submitted to a grievance procedure or to mediation or arbitration

Why Turn to an Attorney from Chelle Law to Review your Physician Assistant Employment Contract?

Physician assistants starting a new position with a hospital or medical practice will usually be presented with an employment contract by the prospective employer. Employment contracts are critical to ensure that both parties understand their respective rights and obligations to avoid confusion or disputes later in the employment relationship. But to protect their professional, financial, and personal interests, a physician assistant should have any proposed employment agreement reviewed by an experienced lawyer. Professionals turn to Chelle Law for medical employment contract review for physician assistants because:

  • Our firm works with physician assistants in every state
  • We provide contract review services on a flat-fee basis so that you know upfront what the cost will be
  • Employment contracts undergo a detailed review by an experienced attorney from our team
  • Attorney Robert Chelle conducts phone consultations to go over your contract with you term by term
  • We help you with contract negotiations by following up with clarifications and revisions needed to protect your interests

Before you sign a physician assistant employment contract, let Chelle Law help you understand the terms of your agreement.

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Don’t forego important rights or benefits by not having your medical employment contract reviewed by a detailed legal eye. Contact Chelle Law today for an initial consultation to discuss how we can be of assistance to you as you negotiate your employment agreement with your prospective employer. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Employment Contract Review for Physician Assistants

What is the difference between being hired as an employee and as an independent contractor?

Some hospitals, healthcare facilities, and medical practices choose to retain physician assistants as independent contractors rather than as employees. While working as an independent contractor may offer a physician assistant greater freedom in their hours or in the ability to work with multiple facilities or providers, as an independent contractor a physician assistant will also be responsible for paying 100 percent of payroll taxes. The facility’s liability insurance policy may not cover independent contractors, so a physician assistant would need to obtain their own insurance. An experienced lawyer can go over the pros and cons of an independent contractor vs. an employment relationship. 

How much does it cost to have an attorney review a proposed employment contract?

At Chelle Law, we conduct medical employment contract review for physician assistants on a flat fee basis. That way, you know upfront how much it will cost to hire us to review and finalize your employment agreement. You won’t need to worry about hidden costs or running up large legal bills just to get the clarity and understanding you deserve with your employment contract. 

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